Managing Partner, Marketing Excellence



- Expert in luxury & lifestyle marketing excellence

- 15 years+ experience in the world of luxury & lifestyle

- Brand, marketing and communication Gurvi

- Attention-grabbing expert

- Top social media influencer

- Luxury & lifestyle keynote speaker

- Passionate author of 9 novels






Founder & Managing Partner, Sales Excellence



- Expert in luxury & premium sales excellence

- 20 years+ experience in the world of luxury & premium

- Retail, marketing, and HR expert

- Top-trainer in the world of luxury & premium

- Executive & manager search professional

- Luxury & premium keynote speaker

- Author of the success book "The Art of Luxury Selling"

Nicole and Peter are long-time professional companions in the world of luxury and lifestyle. They speak with clarity and appreciation of the other's expertise and gifts. They focus on fully comprehending the other, before sharing their own ideas. 


If attitude is the mind, and enthusiasm the body, then passion is the spirit. Nicole and Peter have a deep love and passion for what they are doing. Their respective expertise in marketing and sales excellence co-creates synergies and as a natural consequence superior solutions for their clients.

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