With over 20 years of professional experience and excellent expertise in the world of brands, AristoDeLuxe has exclusively developed “The Luxury & Premium Sales Value Circle”. It describes a sales and service consulting approach, with a "360° Outside-Inside View" focusing on all aspects of the luxury & premium sales and service process across all customer touchpoints in order to exceed customer expectations and consequently increase key performance indicators (KPIs).

The Luxury & Premium Sales Value Circle; Copyright 2019 @AristoDeLuxe

Our Inside-Out Philosophy: Luxury & premium brands invest a lot of time and money in the development and design of products and services, selection of precious materials, master craftsmanship, launch events, marketing, and last but not least in packaging, quality control, global distribution and more. Superior product and service quality is almost always a given for luxury & premium customers. People sell to people. People buy from people. Customers are interested in who they are buying from:


“From the viewpoint of the customer, the sales consultant represents the brand during the sales interaction.”


Therefore, it is the responsibility of the brand to support and qualify their sales teams in the best possible way. Furthermore, the training program has to be a vital and interlinked part of the  "The Luxury & Premium Sales Value Circle" to ensure measurable and sustainable results.

Our Outside-In Philosophy: A brand exists in the mind of the customer. It is the intangible sum of thoughts and feelings about a particular company, service, or product. What comes to your customers' minds first counts. While CEOs, marketing and communication managers may believe they have a strong understanding of what their brand is, it may not be congruent with the customers' view or perception.

"Customer perception is reality, so whatever
people think, feel and say about the brand, is how the brand
remains in the customer's perception."


Wouldn't you like to better understand your customers who did not buy? Therefore, it is equally important to ask customers who have left your brand without buying anything for feedback.

Our "360° Outside-Inside View" unifies the sales consultant perspective (inside-out) with the customer perspective (outside-in) in order to expand the holistic intersection of both views.


We maintain an intensive and continuous dialogue with our clients to ensure the best possible and sustainable results. Please contact us to learn more about our "360° Outside-Inside View" methodology in detail and customised services.


We will be more than happy to arrange an in-house business presentation at the location of your choice. Depending on your needs and wishes, we offer a holistic, customised approach and solution.

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